10 Best Saltwater Fly Rod And Reel Combo Ever 2024

Imagine yourself out in the open water, with the sun warming your skin and the sea breeze on your hair. Saltwater fly fishing isn’t the simplest hobby.

It is an adventure ready to appear. But to certainly attain this exhilarating recreation, you need equipment you can depend upon. That’s where the proper saltwater fly rod and reel combo is available.

They’re your trusty sidekicks, helping you reel within the one large catch and create reminiscences that finalize an entire life. In this manual, we will delve into the arena of saltwater fly fishing and discover what makes the right rod and reel combination so essential.

Get equipped to discover ways to choose the fine equipment for your subsequent angling tour and discover the mixtures that’ll take your fishing sport to the next level. So, let’s set sail and discover the secrets, techniques, and strategies of the ocean together!

Our Top Picks: Best Saltwater Fly Rod And Reel Combo 2024 Reviewed

Having the appropriate rod and reel is essential while saltwater fly fishing. Here are some pinnacle choices for both fly rods and reels in 2024:

Saltwater Fly Rods

Sage Salt HD: Known for its beauty, the Sage Salt HD gives tremendous performance. It’s mild, flexible, and to be had in weights from 6 to sixteen. The 8 and nine weight variations are mainly fun for medium- to long-variety casting.

Hardy Zephrus SWS: If you are searching for a dependable and price-range-friendly option, keep in mind the Hardy Zephrus SWS. It’s available in weights from 8 to 12 and may take care of saltwater situations correctly.

Saltwater fly reels

Orvis Hydros SL: This reel will be the great average desire. It functions as a huge arbor, speedy line retrieval, and a completely sealed drag gadget critical for saltwater fishing. Available in various sizes, it’s a stable pick.

Redington Behemoth: With a groovy layout and a less costly fee, the Redington Behemoth is an incredible budget-friendly alternative. It is available in extraordinary sizes to suit your desires.

Piscifun Sword: If you are searching out a flexible reel, take into account the Piscifun Sword. It provides a clean drag device and corrosion resistance.

Remember to pair your selected rod and reel with nice backing, a fly line, and a chief for a dependable saltwater outfit. Happy fishing! 

M MAXIMUMMCATCH Maxcatch Predator Big Game and Saltwater Fly Fishing Rod

Key Features

When it comes to tackling saltwater predators or casting large streamers for pike or musky, the M MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch Predator Big Game and Saltwater Fly Fishing Rod sticks out as a top contender. Crafted with an awesome 30T carbon blank, this rod offers a powerful but easy-fast motion, permitting anglers to deliver heavy flies with pinpoint accuracy. With its versatility, it’s designed to satisfy all of the needs of saltwater and freshwater fishing, whether inshore or offshore, with floating or sinking traces. Plus, with its long-lasting aluminum construction and comfortable cork, this rod is built to last.


Material: Aluminum
Fishing Technique: Fly
Size: 7’11” 8wt 4 Pieces Bass Tournament
Handle Material: Cork

Use Cases

Whether you are concentrated on difficult-combating saltwater species or casting big streamers for freshwater predators like pike or musky, the M MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch Predator Big Game and Saltwater Fly Fishing Rod is up for the assignment.

Its powerful but smooth, speedy action makes it ideal for handing over heavy flies with accuracy, while its versatility guarantees it can manage any fishing scenario. From inshore to offshore, this rod excels with each floating and sinking line, making it a must-have for any angler looking to elevate their sport.


Affordable price without compromising overall performance
Designed and examined for saltwater and freshwater use
Durable production with a 30T carbon clean
Versatile enough for inshore and offshore fishing
Comfortable cork handle for prolonged fishing classes


Limited shade alternatives to be had


In the end, the M MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch Predator Big Game and Saltwater Fly Fishing Rod gives unbeatable overall performance and flexibility at an inexpensive price point.

Whether you’re battling saltwater giants or chasing freshwater predators, this rod is designed to exceed your expectations. With its long-lasting construction, easy rapid action, and comfortable cork to deal with,

it’s a reliable partner for any angler seeking adventure at the water. Plus, with the peace of mind of a two- to 12-month guarantee and a lifetime repair guarantee, you may fish with confidence knowing that M MAXIMUMCATCH has your back.

 Redington Crosswater Combo Fly Rod, Reel, and Line Outfit

Key Features

The Redington Crosswater Combo is the closing bundle for anglers looking for conventional performance and versatility in their tools.

With its medium-rapid movement graphite fly rod, this combo gives clean casting and splendid manipulation for anglers of all talent levels.

Whether you’re fishing in freshwater streams or tackling saltwater species, the anodized, machined aluminum reel seat ensures durability and reliability in any environment.

Plus, with the benefit of easy assembly thanks to alignment dots on the rod portions, you’ll spend less time putting in and extra time fishing.


Brand: Redington
Rod Length: 9 Feet
Material: Aluminum
Warranty: 1 year

Use Cases

Whether you are focused on bass in freshwater streams or trout in mountain rivers, the Redington Crosswater Combo is the correct companion for any angling journey.

 Its medium-speedy movement graphite fly rod offers classic overall performance and manipulation, making it appropriate for anglers of all ability levels.

With the protected Crosswater reel pre-spooled with the RIO Mainstream WF fly line, you may have everything you need to hit the water and begin casting with self-belief.

Plus, with its flexible layout, this combo is similarly domestic in saltwater environments, making it a must-have for any angler trying to discover new fishing grounds.


Smooth-casting medium-rapid motion graphite fly rod
suitable for both clean and saltwater fishing.
anodized machined aluminum reel seat for sturdiness
Easy assembly with alignment dots on rod pieces
The complete kit includes a rod, reel, and pre-spooled fly line.


Limited color options are available.

Conclusion Redington Crosswater Combo

In conclusion, the Redington Crosswater Combo is the ultimate package for anglers searching for performance, versatility, and convenience.

Whether you’re a beginner learning the ropes or a skilled angler searching for a reliable setup on your next adventure, this combo has you blanketed.

With its smooth-casting medium-rapid movement graphite fly rod, long-lasting aluminum reel seat, and pre-spooled fly line, it is the whole lot you want to hit the water and reel for your next big seize.

Plus, with the peace of mind delivered by Redington’s one- to 12-month guarantee, you could fish with self-belief, understanding that your gear is backed by a trusted producer.

Orvis Encounter  Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Starter Kit

Key Features

The Orvis Encounter Fly Rod Outfit is the final starter package for anglers looking to embark on their fly fishing journey.

Designed to provide overall performance for critical anglers, this outfit does the whole lot you want it to do, and it does all of it beautifully.

It’s reachable for beginning anglers and is a suitable kit to introduce more youthful anglers to the thrill of fly fishing.

The 4-piece fly rod and reel combo comes packaged with an Encounter big arbor fly reel, weight-forward floating line, backing, and chief, so that you’ll have the whole lot you want to hit the water and begin casting.


Brand: Orvis
Rod Length: Eight Feet
Handle Material: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous

Use Cases

Whether you’re focused on bass in freshwater streams or trout in mountain rivers, the Orvis Encounter Fly Rod Outfit is the perfect partner for anglers of all abilities.

With its 4-piece design and clean left- and proper-hand conversion, it is on hand for novices while nonetheless offering the overall performance critical anglers demand.

The Encounter fly fishing reel boasts easy, crisp overall performance with its light-weight molded composite construction and beefy drag device, ensuring you’ve got the power and control to reel in even the toughest catches.


complete starter package with the whole lot you want to get started
Suitable for anglers of all ability stages
lightweight and durable production for lengthy-lasting overall performance
Easy left- and right-hand conversion for comfort
Backed by means of the workmanship you understand and consider to endure the Orvis name


Limited color options are available.

Conclusion Orvis Encounter  Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

The Orvis Encounter Fly Rod Outfit is the ideal starter package for anglers seeking to discover the world of fly fishing.

With its overall performance-pushed layout and accessibility for novices, it is the proper preference for everyone trying to solidify their first line or expand their fishing repertoire.

Plus, with the backing of Orvis’s unequalled recognition for satisfaction and affordability, you could fish with self-assurance knowing that your tools are built to last.

So, snatch your rod, reel, and address container, and get ready to embark on your subsequent fishing journey with the Orvis Encounter Fly Rod Outfit by way of your facet.

M MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch Medium-Fast Action Premier Fly Fishing Rod

Key Features

The M MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch three-12 wt Medium-Fast Action Premier Fly Fishing Rod is designed to be a real workhorse, able to withstand rigorous use while also turning in superb overall performance.

Featuring special MAXLINQ II clean technology with a pure IM8 30T carbon fiber construction, this rod gives an ideal balance of electricity and lightweight layout.

With a medium-fast movement layout, it excels in both distance casting and precise presentation, making it appropriate for an extensive variety of fishing situations.

Plus, with high fashionable easy courses and a natural cork manage, this rod ensures snug and green casting with every use.


Material: Carbon Fiber
Fishing Technique: Fly
Handle Material: Cork
Warranty: 1 year

Use Cases

Whether you’re concentrated on trout in mountain streams or chasing saltwater giants offshore, the M MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch Premier Fly Fishing Rod is up to the mission.

Its medium-fast motion design allows for convenient long-distance casting while maintaining precision and manageability.

The long-lasting IM8 30T carbon fiber creation ensures reliability even in the toughest situations, making it the best accomplice for anglers in search of excessive overall performance and durability of their equipment.


Exclusive MAXLINQ II blank era for increased power and reduced weight
medium-rapid movement design for distance casting and particular presentation
high-trendy clean courses for smooth casting performance
Pure cork is used for cushty gripping.
high-density machined aluminum reel seat for reliable reel attachment


Limited shade options are available.


The M MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch 3-12 wt Medium-Fast Action Premier Fly Fishing Rod is a top desire for anglers seeking high overall performance and sturdiness of their tools.

With its different clean generation, medium-fast movement design, and super construction, it offers the entirety you need to address any fishing state of affairs with confidence.

Plus, with the peace of mind of a one-year assurance and a lifetime repair warranty, you can fish with self-assurance, understanding that your funding is covered.

So, clutch your rod and reel, and get prepared to experience the joys of fly fishing with the M MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch Premier Fly Fishing Rod by means of your aspect.

 M MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch Saltwater Fly Fishing Rod

Key Features

The M MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch Saltwater Fly Fishing Rod is a real powerhouse designed for saltwater anglers searching for greater energy and longer casting distances.

With its one-of-a kind MAXCOMMAND clean era providing natural 40T carbon fiber, this rod offers unequalled electricity and durability.

Available in six models ranging from 7 wt to 12 wt, it boasts a unique chameleon pearlescent end blank with a light-weight resin production.

 Its superior rapid motion design permits for easy casting of heavy saltwater flies, even in windy situations, while also presenting great accuracy and management.


Material: Resin
Fishing Technique: Fly
Handle Material: Graphite, Resin
Warranty: 2 years

Use Cases

Whether you’re targeting saltwater giants like tarpon, tuna, or billfish, the M MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch Saltwater Fly Fishing Rod is the remaining device for the job.

 Its extra electricity and longer casting distance make it ideal for tackling big sport fish in challenging situations.

The advanced rapid action layout permits for precise fly delivery, regardless of heavy flies, while the saltwater-resistant courses and reel seat ensure sturdiness in harsh saltwater environments.

Whether you are casting from a boat or wading the flats, this rod is sure to exceed your expectations.


Extra energy and longer casting distance for tackling large game fish
Exclusive MAXCOMMAND blank technology for unequalled energy and durability
Advanced speedy action design for particular fly shipping
saltwater-resistant courses and reel seats for durability
comfortable cork deal with for extended fishing sessions


Limited coloration options are available.
Some anglers can also decide on an extraordinary handle fabric.


The M MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch Saltwater Fly Fishing Rod is a pinnacle preference for anglers looking for power, performance, and sturdiness in their saltwater tools.

 With its distinct MAXCOMMAND clean generation and advanced speedy movement design, it gives the electricity and precision needed to tackle even the toughest saltwater species.

Plus, with the peace of mind of a 2 year guarantee and a lifelong repair warranty, you can fish with self-belief knowing that your funding is covered.

So, snatch your rod, tie in your preferred fly, and get equipped to reel within the catch of a lifetime with the M MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch Saltwater Fly Fishing Rod by means of your facet.

 Understanding Saltwater Fly Fishing

Saltwater fly fishing is a exciting pursuit that opens up a world of delight and journey for anglers.

Unlike freshwater fly fishing, which usually goals species like trout and bass, saltwater fly fishing casts a much wider internet, focusing on a numerous kind of species that inhabit the oceans, bays, houses, and estuaries.

 From the aggressive moves of predatory species like tarpon, snook, and barracuda to the stealthy pursuits of bonefish and permit on the residences, saltwater fly fishing offers anglers an array of opportunities to check their capabilities in opposition to a number of the ocean’s maximum formidable populace.

Types of Fish Targeted

In saltwater fly fishing, anglers pursue a whole lot of species, each with its personal unique tendencies and worrying situations. These might also moreover encompass:

Tarpon  Known for their acrobatic leaps and effective runs, tarpon are prized via saltwater anglers for his or her duration and energy.

Bonefish  Found in shallow apartments and famed for his or her elusive nature, bonefish offer a tough and profitable goal for fly anglers.

Permit  Often referred to as the “holy grail” of saltwater fly fishing, lets in are notoriously careful and require unique tips to entice.

Snook  Found in a whole lot of saltwater environments, snooks are recognised for his or her aggressive actions and effective fights.

Striped Bass  Common alongside the Atlantic coast, striped bass are prized for their tough-stopping nature and willingness to take a fly.

Barracuda  Known for their lightning-rapid moves and toothy grins, barracuda provide an interesting mission for saltwater fly anglers.

Common Techniques

Saltwater fly fishing calls for specialised techniques to efficaciously target and seize the ones severa species. Some not unusual techniques consist of:

Sight Fishing Many saltwater species are focused on using sight fishing techniques, wherein anglers spot fish cruising the residences or searching in shallow water and make precision casts to trap a piece.

Strip-Setting  Unlike the traditional trout set applied in freshwater fly fishing, saltwater anglers frequently hire a strip-putting technique to set the hook even as a fish takes the fly. This entails stripping the road with the rod tip pointed on the fly, ensuring a sturdy hook is set.

Fly Selection  Saltwater flies are available in an in-intensity variety of patterns and sizes, every designed to mimic the prey of the focused species. Anglers want to carefully select the proper fly for the state of affairs and the fish they’re targeting.

 Line Management  Managing fly line in saltwater environments may be hard, with elements like wind, waves, and currents affecting casting distance and accuracy. Anglers have to boom their abilties in line manipulation to correctly gift their flies to feeding fish.

Challenges Specific to Saltwater Environments

Saltwater fly fishing provides its very very own set of specific, demanding conditions that anglers ought to conquer:

Wind  Wind is a regular companion in saltwater environments and might make casting difficult, specifically while centered on fish in windy conditions.

Saltwater Corrosion  Saltwater is corrosive and can rapidly degrade the fishing gadget if no longer properly maintained. Anglers must rinse their devices with fresh water after every use and regularly lubricate reels and special metal additives to save you corrosion.

Tides and Currents Tides and currents play a extensive function in saltwater fly fishing, affecting fish conduct and feeding styles. Anglers need to understand how tides and currents have an impact at the motion of fish and adjust their techniques for that reason.

Visibility  Saltwater environments can range notably in visibility, from crystal-clean houses to murky estuaries. Anglers need to adapt their strategies to healthy visibility situations and make the most of their opportunities to pick out and goal fish.

In summary, saltwater fly fishing gives anglers an interesting and difficult pursuit that calls for specialized skills, techniques, and devices. From specializing in trophy species like tarpon and allow to honing their sight-fishing talents at the residences, saltwater fly anglers embark on an adventure of discovery and adventure in a number of the arena’s most breathtaking environments.

 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Saltwater Fly Rod and Reel Combo

When choosing a saltwater fly rod and reel combination, numerous elements come into play to ensure a successful and exciting fishing experience.

In the tough saltwater environment, durability is paramount. Saltwater is corrosive and might quickly degrade fishing equipment if it is not constructed to withstand its results.

When deciding on a rod and reel mixture for saltwater fishing, search for materials and construction strategies in particular designed to withstand corrosion.

Components like stainless-steel courses, sealed drag systems, and anodized aluminum reels are critical for prolonging the lifespan of your gear, particularly when encountering larger, more effective fish that put extra stress on your gadget.

Weight and Action
Rod weight and movement play vital roles in casting potential, accuracy, and sensitivity, mainly in saltwater situations.

A lighter rod will reduce fatigue throughout lengthy casting sessions and provide better sensitivity to discover diffused moves.

Meanwhile, the motion of the rod, whether or not it’s fast, medium, or slow, dictates how the rod bends and recovers all through the casting method.

In saltwater fly fishing, in which distance and accuracy are often essential, a quick-movement rod is desired for its potential to generate excessive line pace and supply particular casts, even in windy situations.

 Reel Features
The saltwater fly reel is another critical thing in the mix, and several key capabilities must be considered. Corrosion resistance is paramount, with materials like anodized aluminum or stainless steel being desired to withstand the corrosive results of saltwater.

A clean drag machine is important for controlling the powerful runs of saltwater species, ensuring regular and reliable performance below pressure. Additionally, a big arbor design affords quicker line retrieval and higher line management, taking into account brief and green coping with fish.

Ensuring compatibility between the rod and reel is critical for optimal performance and balance. The rod and reel should be matched in terms of weight and movement to make sure they work harmoniously together.

A nicely balanced mixture will offer higher casting control, accuracy, and sensitivity, enhancing the overall fishing experience. When choosing a saltwater fly rod and reel mixture, bear in mind the unique species you’ll be focused on, the fishing situations you’ll come across, and your non-public preferences to make sure the combination meets your desires and fishing fashion.

When choosing a saltwater fly rod and reel blend, prioritize durability to face up to the corrosive saltwater surroundings and the ability to encounter large, extra-effective fish.

Consider the weight and action of the rod for foremost casting capability and sensitivity, as well as additionally evaluating key reel functions, which include corrosion resistance, a clean drag system, and a huge arbor design.

Lastly, ensure compatibility among the rod and reel to reap the most fulfilling overall performance and stability on the water. By considering those elements, you could pick a saltwater fly rod and reel combination that meets your wishes and complements your saltwater fly fishing experience.

 Tips for Maintaining and Caring for Your Saltwater Fly Fishing Gear

Taking proper care of your saltwater fly fishing device is important for prolonging its lifespan and ensuring pinnacle-preferred normal overall performance at the water. Here are a few sensible tips and advice for preserving and being worried approximately your saltwater fly rods and reels:

Rinse Thoroughly After Use

After every saltwater fishing journey, rinse your rod, reel, and line thoroughly with freshwater to take away any salt residue. Pay precise interest to the reel, publications, and reel seat, as those regions are maximum prone to corrosion.

Clean with Mild Soap and Water

For deeper cleaning, use a moderately cleansing cleansing soap or detergent diluted in water to eliminate any stubborn salt buildup. Gently scrub the rod blanks, guides, and reel additives with a slight sponge or material, being cautious now not to scratch or harm the finish.

Dry Completely Before Storing

Allow your equipment to air dry without a doubt in advance than storing them to save you mould and mould boom. Avoid storing moist equipment in enclosed areas or instances, as this will lead to corrosion and harm.

Apply a corrosion inhibitor

Consider making use of a corrosion inhibitor or making use of a defensive coating to steel components like reel seats and courses to provide an extra layer of protection in opposition to saltwater corrosion. Be fantastic and have a look at the manufacturer’s instructions for the proper software program.

Inspect for damage often

Regularly check out your rod and reel for signs and symptoms of harm or placement, collectively with cracked rod blanks, bent courses, or unfastened reel seats. Replace any worn or broken additives immediately to save you in addition deterioration and preserve their superb overall performance.

Store Properly When Not in Use

When now not in use, keep your saltwater fly fishing tools in a groovy, dry location some distance from direct daylight and moisture. Consider making an funding in a rod and reel case or garage rack to guard your device from dirt, dust, and unintentional harm.

Lubricate Moving Parts

Periodically lubricate moving components of your reel, consisting of the take-out, drag system, and bail mechanism, with a small quantity of reel oil or grease to make certain clean operation and prevent corrosion.

Avoid high-effect or abrasive surfaces.

Handle your tools with care, and keep away from placing rods or reels on tough or abrasive surfaces, that may cause scratches or damage. When transporting your gear, use protecting rod tubes or cases to save you unintended bumps and falls.

Replace worn additives directly

As your gadget wears for a long time, sure additives also can become worn or damaged through ordinary use. Be proactive about changing worn or broken elements, together with guide inserts, reel handles, or drag washers, to preserve the most pleasant common ordinary overall performance and save you similarly harm.

Seek professional upkeep if needed

If you are unsure approximately the way to nicely maintain or restore your saltwater fly fishing gadget, do now not hesitate to attempt to discover expert assistance from a good rod and reel service middle or technician. They can offer professional tips and upkeep to keep your device in pinnacle situation for future years.

By following those tips and incorporating ordinary protection into your fishing routine, you can prolong the lifespan of your saltwater fly fishing gear and revel in many a hit fishing adventures at the water. Remember, proper care and renovation are critical for preserving the general normal overall performance and integrity of your tools, so don’t forget the ones crucial steps on your fishing adventure.

Conclusion Best Saltwater Fly Rod And Reel Combo

In this entire guide for saltwater fly fishing tools, we’ve explored the important elements to remember when deciding on the proper rod and reel aggregate for your next saltwater adventure. From understanding the fundamentals of saltwater fly fishing to comparing top alternatives for rod and reel combinations and gaining knowledge of a way to properly hold and deal with your gear, we have protected all the essentials to help you make knowledgeable picks and maximize your fishing enjoyment.

Selecting the proper saltwater fly rod and reel mixture is critical for success in the water. Whether you are focused on bonefish on the residences, battling tarpon offshore, or chasing stripers alongside the coast, having the proper gear may make all the difference in your capacity to forged efficiently, combat fish efficiently, and, ultimately, land that trophy trap.

It’s crucial to not neglect your man or woman’s goals and alternatives at the same time as deciding on gear and deliberating factors that include rod weight, movement, reel functions, and usual durability. Investing in fantastic, long-lasting alternatives will now not only enhance your fishing leisure but also offer peace of mind by making sure that your device can get up to the trials of saltwater environments and the demanding situations of scuffling with effective fish.

Remember, the right care and maintenance are key to prolonging the lifespan of your saltwater fly fishing gadget. By following the guidelines stated in this guide, together with rinsing thoroughly after use, cleansing with moderate soap and water, analyzing for damage regularly, and storing properly while not in use, you can ensure that your device remains in top condition for many fishing adventures to come.

In the end, whether you’re a pro saltwater angler or just getting started, deciding on the proper saltwater fly rod and reel aggregate is important for fulfillment and enjoyable fishing. By considering your man or woman’s wishes, making an investment in top-notch gear, and working in the direction of safety, you’ll be properly geared up to tackle any saltwater assignment and create lasting memories at the water. So, gear up, hit the water, and let the adventure start!


What is the best weight fly rod for saltwater?

The pleasant weight fly rod for saltwater relies upon on the goal species and fishing situations. While a 7 weight is flexible, anglers frequently choose an 8 weight for Bonefish and heavier weights like nine-12 for larger species like Marlin. Ultimately, it is approximately matching the rod weight to the fish you are pursuing and the environment you are fishing in.

How do I choose a saltwater fly rod?

 you are fishing saltwater and say you need to fish for redfish, trout, or bone fish, a solid 8wt fly rod goes to be great. If you intend to goal permit or striped bass you’re possibly going to need a 10wt. Anything large like tarpon or sharks I would propose going with a 12wt

Can any fly reel be used for saltwater?

Not all fly reels are suitable for saltwater use. Reels for saltwater fishing need to resist corrosion and feature robust drags, handles, and additives to handle effective pelagic fish. It’s encouraged to pick out reels mainly designed for saltwater programs, commonly ranging from 7 to 14 weight rods, to make certain durability and performance in hard saltwater conditions.

Are spinning reels good for saltwater?

Yes, spinning reels can be correct for saltwater fishing. They are flexible and may be used for numerous species, such as bottom species and pelagics like sailfish, making them suitable for saltwater angling.

Does salt water damage reels?

Yes, saltwater can damage reels. While a fly rod can tolerate a few exposure to saltwater, submerging it may cause corrosion and degradation of metallic additives and fibers because of the corrosive nature of saltwater.

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