8 Best Reels For Walleye Fishing Reviewed 2024

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Walleye on the Line Reeling Inside the Perfect Catch with the Right Gear

A walleye, a prized fighter, has taken your bait! But because the struggle commences, your coronary heart sinks. Your reel sputters, the drag isn’t robust enough, and the walleye makes a victorious get-away. This, my fellow anglers, is why choosing the right reel is paramount to walleye fishing achievement.

A tremendous reel can be your relied-on companion inside the fight, offering the smooth, ordinary performance and reliable energy needed to land that trophy. Let’s dive into the world of walleye reels and discover the top contenders on Amazon to help you discover the proper one in your subsequent adventure!

Our Top Picks for the 8 Best Reels For Walleye Fishing 2024

Cadence CS7 Spinning Reel: A Reel Deal for the Walleye Warriors

The thrill of combating a walleye on the line is unmatched. But without the right reel, that dream catch can quickly turn into a frustrating story of escape. Enter the Cadence CS7 spinning reel, a characteristic-packed choice aiming to be your relied-on associate on the water. Let’s dive into the specifics and see if the CS7 lives up to the hype.

Key Features

Built to Last: The CS7 boasts a sturdy aluminum frame, a carbon composite rotor for weight loss, and a braid-geared-up machined aluminum spool for smooth line coping. 

Smooth Operator: Nine ball bearings and an instant anti-reverse bearing ensure a buttery-easy retrieve, important for finesse presentations. 

Power When You Need It: With a maximum drag of 36 lbs, the CS7 can manage tough fights from walleye and different difficult-hitting fish. 

Ergonomic Design: The oversized EVA take-care of knob offers a comfortable grip, even at prolonged battles.


  • Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
    Gear Ratio: 6.2:1
    Bearing Count: 9+1 ball bearings
    Max Drag: 36 lbs

Use Cases

With its lightweight layout and smooth operation, the CS7 is ideal for finesse methods regularly used for walleye. Whether you’re pitching jigs or trolling crankbaits, the CS7 promises a cushty and specific experience.

The flexible layout additionally makes it appropriate for a variety of freshwater and inshore saltwater species, making it a remarkable all-around reel.


Lightweight and snug design
Smooth operation with first-rate bearings
Powerful drag machine for fighting large fish
Braid-geared-up spool for flexible line selections
Affordable rate point


Limited records are to be had on aftermarket spool alternatives.

Final Verdict

The Cadence CS7 offers a compelling package deal for financially-minded anglers in search of an easy and capable reel for walleye fishing and beyond. The light-weight design, great bearings, and strong drag device are definite pluses.

However, the lack of a precise gear ratio and lengthy-term stability remain question marks. If you are a newbie or casual angler, the CS7 is definitely worth thinking about. For seasoned walleye veterans with precise approach possibilities, a little additional research on tool ratio and brand recognition might be important.

Quantum Accurist Baitcast Reel: Taming Beasts or a Budget Bite

Walleye are notorious combatants, annoying a reel; this is both powerful and precise. Enter the Quantum Accurist baitcast reel, a function-packed alternative designed for struggling with large fish. But is the Accurist the “reel” deal for walleye warriors, or is it more acceptable for bass brawls? Let’s dissect its features and see if it lives up to the hype.

Key Features

Built to Brawl: A one-piece aluminum frame and a 0-friction spool design promise long-lasting sturdiness, essential for hauling heavyweight fish.

Smooth Operator: Nine corrosion-resistant bearings and a continuous anti-opposite grasp make for smooth operation and lightning-speedy hooksets, essential for walleye fishing.

Geared Up for Power: A 7.0.1 gear ratio gives an excellent balance of retrieve velocity and strength for various displays. The 18-pound max drag affords the preventing strength wanted for walleye battles.

Ready for Anything: Saltguard protection and a flexible line ability (mono or braid) make the Accurist adaptable to both freshwater and saltwater environments.


Hand Orientation: Right-surpassed best (no longer perfect for lefties)
Gear Ratio: 7.0:1
Bearing Count: 8+1 corrosion-resistant bearings
Max Drag: 18 lbs
Line Capacity: 135/12 yds/lbs (mono) or 170 of 30-pound braid

Use Cases

The Accurist’s strength and durability make it an amazing choice for medium- and heavy-weight freshwater species like walleye, bass, and catfish. Its saltwater talents also open doors for inshore saltwater fishing. However, the baitcast reel fashion calls for greater practice and finesse as compared to spinning reels, making it less suitable for novices.


Durable production for struggling with huge fish
Smooth operation with corrosion-resistant bearings
Powerful drag machine for tough fights
Versatile lineability for diverse applications
5–12 month guarantee for peace of thought


Baitcast reels call for extra exercise and the ability to grasp.
Right-passed retrieve handiest (now not lefty friendly)
Heavier than a few competing baitcast reels

FInal Verdict

The Quantum Accurist is a strong choice for knowledgeable anglers targeting walleye and other difficult-hitting fish. The long-lasting construct, easy operation, and robust drag gadget are all pluses.

However, the baitcast reel style has a steeper studying curve in comparison to spinning reels, and the proper-exceeded retrieve best design excludes left-passed anglers.

If you’re a seasoned angler snug with baitcast reels, Accurist gives you a reliable workhorse at an aggressive fee. For novices or lefties, a spinning reel is probably an extra-consumer-pleasant alternative for walleye fishing.

Zebco Omega Spincast Reel: A Beginner-Friendly Workhorse for Walleye

Walleye fishing calls for a reel that is really dependable, easy to apply, and gives enough energy to address a fight. The Zebco Omega Spincast reel enters the ring, boasting functions designed for both freshmen and experienced anglers. Let’s dive into its specs and see if the Omega lives up to its guarantees for walleye wranglers.

Key Features

Built to Last: The Omega features a durable all-steel production with forged aluminum on the front cover, promising years of dependable fishing.

Tangle-Free Triumph: Zebco’s patented no-tangle layout minimizes frustrating line tangles, a major perk for beginners. 

Smooth Operator: Seven bearings (inclusive of a grab bearing) make sure a smooth retrieve is vital for correct trap presentation and preventing fish.

Ambidextrous Advantage: A changeable retrieve allows each right and left-exceeded angler to simply reel in their catch.

Bonus Bounty: A spare spool is protected, permitting you to speedy transfer between exceptional line kinds or weights.


Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
Gear Ratio: 2. Nine:1 (slower retrieve speed)
Bearing Count: 7 (6 + take hold of)
Max Drag: 10 lbs
Line Capacity: eighty-five/10 yds/lbs (mono)

Use Cases

The Omega’s spincast layout and focus on tangle prevention make it a consumer-friendly option for beginner and casual anglers. While the 10-pound drag can cope with smaller to medium-sized walleye, its slower gear ratio may not be perfect for all walleye strategies. However, its versatility extends to different freshwater species, like bass and crappie.


Durable production for lengthy-lasting use
Patented no-tangle layout for frustration-free fishing
Smooth operation with a couple of bearings
Ambidextrous retrieve for both proper and left-passed anglers
Spare spool blanketed for elevated versatility
Affordable charge factor


Spincast design calls for fewer exercises compared to spinning reels.
Heavier than a few competing spincast reels

The Verdict

The Zebco Omega is a stable choice for novice and informal anglers looking for a consumer-pleasant and reliable reel. The tangle-free layout, easy operation, and sturdy build make it an exquisite choice for learning the ropes of fishing. For walleye, especially, the slower equipment ratio is probably a drawback for some techniques.

However, for smaller to medium-sized walleye and different freshwater species, the Omega provides an amazing balance of affordability, ease of use, and reliability. If you are a pro angler or opt for a faster retrieve for walleye fishing, different reels on the market are probably healthier.

Quantum Energy S3 Spinning Reel: Power Up for Walleye Success

Walleyes are recognized for their feisty fights, which are stressful and both effective and easy. The Quantum Energy S3 spinning reel boasts a feature set designed for scuffling with fish, but does it translate to walleye wrangling glory? Let’s dissect its specs and notice if the Energy S3 lives up to the hype.

Key Features

Built for Battle: An R·E·D aluminum unibody design and a solid aluminum spool promise lengthy-lasting sturdiness, important for hauling in hefty fish.

Smooth Operator: Eight stainless steel bearings and a continuous anti-opposite clutch ensure a buttery-smooth retrieve and lightning-rapid hooksets.

Geared for Speed: A 5.2:1 equipment ratio offers a terrific balance between retrieve pace and power for numerous walleye shows.

Strength Where It Counts: An 18-pound max drag with a ceramic carbon drag system presents the preventing energy needed to subdue walleye.

Ready for Action: Saltguard protection and a versatile line ability (mono or braid) make the Energy S3 adaptable to both freshwater and saltwater environments.


Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous (changeable retrieval)
Gear Ratio: 5.2:1
Weight: 12 oz. (common weight)
Bearing Count: 8+1 stainless-steel bearings
Max Drag: 18 lbs
Line Capacity: 150/10 yds/lbs (mono) or 220 yards of 20-pound braid

Use Cases

The Energy S3’s power and versatility make it a terrific choice for targeting medium-sized freshwater species like walleye, bass, and pike. Its saltwater capabilities also open doorways for inshore saltwater fishing. Those that fish left- or right-handed can both benefit from the ambidextrous design.


Durable production for combating massive fish
Smooth operation with fine bearings
Powerful drag system for hard fights
Versatile line capacity for various applications
five-year guarantee for added peace of mind.


Not the lightest reel in the marketplace
It might be overkill for smaller walleye or panfish.

Final Verdict

The Quantum Energy S3 is a strong option for anglers concentrated on walleye and other hard-preventing fish. The long-lasting construction, easy operation, and strong drag system are all pluses. The 5.2:1 gear ratio gives a terrific balance for most walleye techniques.

However, for anglers concentrated on smaller walleye or panfish, a lighter reel with a slower gear ratio is probably a higher desire. The Energy S3’s weight may additionally be an attention-grabber for a few anglers who opt for a lighter feel. Overall, the Energy S3 is a reliable workhorse at a competitive price for anglers who value power and smoothness.

Pflueger President XT Spinning Reel: An Affordable All-Arounder for Walleye

Walleye fishing demands a reel that balances affordability with functionality. Enter the Pflueger President XT spinning reel, a financially pleasing alternative boasting functions for various fish species. But can President XT handle the look of a walleye fight? Let’s dive into its specifications and see if it reels inside the win.

Key Features

Priced to Please: The President XT gives an aggregate of affordability and quality, making it a first-rate preference for financially-minded anglers.

Lightweight Champion: A carbon body and machined aluminum principal equipment hold the weight down without sacrificing energy, best for lengthy days on the water.

Smooth Operator: A 7-bearing machine and an on-the-spot anti-reverse ensure a clean retrieve and short hooksets, important for walleye fishing.

Line Control Champion: The Total Line Control device and gradual oscillation gearing reduce line twists and wind knots, a major perk for beginners and skilled anglers alike.

Versatility on a Spool: The aluminum braid-geared-up spool lets you apply diverse line kinds, consisting of mono, fluorocarbon, and braid, for distinctive walleye fishing strategies.


Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
Gear ratio: five.2:1 
Weight: zero.42 lbs (ultralight!)
Bearing Count: 7 ball bearings
Max Drag: 6 lbs
Line Capacity: (mono) 200/2, 100/4, 8/6; (braid) 180/4, 125/6, 100/eight

Use Cases

With its lightweight layout, clean operation, and versatile line capacity, the President XT is a great option for novice and informal anglers concentrated on lots of freshwater species, together with walleye. However, the 6 lb max drag is probably restricting for large walleye or conditions requiring greater preventing electricity.


Affordable rate factor
Lightweight design for cushty fishing
Smooth operation with 7 bearings
Line control capabilities to minimize tangles
Braid-equipped spool for versatility
Ambidextrous layout for both right and left-surpassed anglers


Lower max drag (might not be appropriate for all walleyes)
Not the most powerful option for heavyweight fish.

Final Verdict

The Pflueger President XT has a solid desire for price-aware anglers who need a lightweight and person-friendly reel. The easy operation, line control functions, and braid-equipped spool make it a great alternative for numerous freshwater fishing packages, including targeting smaller to medium-sized walleye.

However, for anglers focused on trophy walleye or folks who opt for a reel with more muscle, a higher drag rating is probably essential. Overall, the President XT offers an awesome balance of affordability, features, and ease of use, making it a solid contender for your walleye fishing arsenal, specifically for beginners.

Piscifun Alijoz: A Left-Handed Walleye Warrior or Overkill Baitcaster

Walleye are regarded for their lively battles, but are they a match for a baitcasting reel? The Piscifun Alijoz, a feature-packed left-handed baitcaster, boasts muscle and versatility. But can it translate to walleye-wrangling success, or is it better suited for heavier adversaries? Let’s dissect its specifications and see if Alijoz reels within the win.

Key Features

Lefty Friendly: A boon for southpaw anglers, the Alijoz functions as a left-exceeded retrieve, a characteristic often tough to locate in baitcasters.

Brute Strength: A whopping 33lb max drag and Hamai reduce hardened brass gearing suggest the power to deal with hefty fish.

Built to Last: A premium aluminum body and tool aspect plate promise lengthy-lasting durability, important for combating hard fighters.

Double Duty Drivetrain: The alternative of 6.6:1 and 8.1:1 tool ratios permits you to modify retrieval velocity for diverse shows. 

Tangle Terminator: An 8-magnet braking gadget aims to minimize overruns and backlashes, a common task with baitcasting reels.


Hand Orientation: Left-passed retrieval is most effective.
Gear Ratio: Selectable 6.6:1 or 8.1:1
Weight: 14.57 oz (at the heavier facet)
Max Drag: 33 lbs
lineline capacity is not specific.

Use Cases

Alijoz’s power and saltwater skills make it an awesome preference for targeting huge freshwater species like musky and catfish. While the drag can cope with big walleye, a baitcasting reel calls for more exercise and finesse in comparison to spinning reels, making it much less perfect for beginners.


Left-handed retrieve (excellent for lefty anglers)
Powerful drag system for trophy fish
Durable production for long-term use
Selectable equipment ratios for versatility
Magnetic braking device to lessen backlashes


Baitcasting reels call for greater talent to master than spinning reels.
Left-passed retrieve handiest (no longer for righties)
Heavier than some competing baitcasting reels
Line capacity and bearing reliance facts are no longer conveniently available.

Final Verdict

The Piscifun Alijoz is a left-handed baitcasting reel built for warfare. The sturdy drag, durable construct, and selectable tool ratios make it an awesome option for experienced anglers concentrated on massive fish.

However, the baitcasting reel layout has a steeper learning curve as compared to spinning reels, and the left-passed retrieve limits its consumer base. For walleye, especially, the electricity of the Alijoz is probably overkill, and a spinning reel might be a more user-pleasant option.

However, for knowledgeable lefty anglers concentrated on trophy walleye or other huge freshwater fish, the Alijoz is an effective and characteristic-rich choice.

Okuma Inspira: Lightweight Champ for Walleye Warriors

Walleye fishing demands a reel that is both light-weight and effective. The Okuma Inspira spinning reel, boasting a carbon body and user-pleasant layout, is intended to be a contender. But does it measure up to the challenge of wrangling a walleye? Let’s examine its functions and see if the Inspira evokes self-belief.

Key Features

Featherweight Fighter: A C-40X carbon body production maintains the reel remarkably mild, decreasing fatigue in the course of lengthy days on the water.

Smooth Operator: Eight stainless steel bearings make certain an easy retrieve, vital for correct entice presentation and preventing fish.

Geared Up: A 5.0:1 tool ratio offers a great balance between retrieve pace and strength for various walleye displays.
Ambidextrous Advantage: A changeable retrieve direction allows each proper and left-passed angler to conveniently reel of their trap.

Solid Foundation: The rotor is computer balanced to reduce wobble and vibration, enhancing management at some stage in battles.


retrievalHand Orientation: Ambidextrous (changeable retrieval)
Gear Ratio: five.0:1
Weight: 0.33 kilograms (very lightweight)
Bearing Count: 8 stainless steel bearings
Max Drag: 5.9 kilograms (13 lbs)

Use Cases

With its lightweight layout, easy operation, and slight tool ratio, the Inspira is a superb choice for anglers targeting freshwater species like walleye, bass, and crappie. The ambidextrous design caters to both proper and left-handed anglers.


Lightweight creation for comfortable fishing
Smooth operation with 8 bearings
Ambidextrous design for right and left-surpassed anglers
Balanced rotor for higher manipulation
Affordable price point
1-year warranty 


Line potential records are are no longer without difficulty to be had

FInal Verdict

The Okuma Inspira has a compelling desire for price-range-minded anglers who prioritize a lightweight and user-friendly reel. The easy operation, balanced sense, and ambidextrous design make it an excellent alternative for numerous freshwater fishing applications, which include walleye.

However, for anglers targeting trophy walleye or individuals who want a better drag score, a one-of-a-kind reel is probably more in shape. Overall, the Inspira gives very good stability in terms of affordability, weight, and performance, making it a strong contender in your walleye fishing arsenal, especially for beginners and casual anglers.

Okuma Cold Water Linecounter: Diving Deep for Walleye Success

Walleye are regularly found in deeper waters, making trolling a popular technique. The Okuma Cold Water Linecounter trolling reel boasts functions designed for precision depth management.  But does it have the proper stuff to convey your walleye-trolling desires into existence? Let’s dive into its specs and notice if the Cold Water lives up to its call.

Key Features

Built for the Deep: A light-weight, corrosion-resistant body tackles the demanding situations of saltwater environments, making it suitable for deep freshwater programs as well.

Line Control Champion: The linecounter feature enables you to precisely measure the depth of your lure, essential for targeted trolling presentations.

Drag Dominator: A multi-disc carbonite drag system with a ratcheting drag superstar gives easy stopping power for combating hefty fish.

Geared for Power: XL gearing with a self-lubricating machine enhances durability and smooth operation while trolling.
Right-Handed Retrieve: While this is not a dealbreaker, it’s vital to say that this reel is designed for right-surpassed anglers.


Hand Orientation: Right-surpassed retrieval is most effective.
Weight: 1.3 lbs (lightweight for a trolling reel)
Max Drag: 20 lbs
Line Capacity: 420 yards of 20-pound mono

Use Cases

The Cold Water’s line counter, robust drag, and saltwater-resistant build make it an awesome choice for trolling for walleye in deep freshwater environments or for anglers who goal walleye in the Great Lakes. However, the right-surpassed retrieve design excludes left-passed anglers.


Lightweight and corrosion-resistant for deep-water use
Linecounter for particular intensity management
Powerful drag machine for big fish
Self-lubricating equipment gadget for extended use
1–12 months of assurance for peace of thought


Right-exceeded retrieve is most effective (not for lefties).

Final Verdict

The Okuma Cold Water Linecounter is a stable alternative for proper-handed anglers who troll for walleye in deep freshwater or saltwater environments. The linecounter, robust drag, and light-weight production make it an amazing desire for precision trolling presentations. 

However, left-surpassed anglers and those who want more information on gear ratio and bearing matter would possibly need to consider other alternatives. Overall, Cold Water gives a reliable feature set at a competitive price for right-surpassed trollers looking to overcome the depths for walleye.

What to Consider When Choosing a Reel for Walleye Fishing

Reeling in a walleye calls for a reel that could manage the combat. Here’s a breakdown of key capabilities to keep in mind while deciding on your walleye wrangling associate:

Drag System: Your Stopping Power: Walleye are recognized for putting up a fight, so a smooth and dependable drag system is vital. Look for a drag made with high-quality substances that offers an extensive variety of settings. An easy drag permits you to play the fish without the line snapping, while a reliable drag presents constant preventing energy throughout battles. 

Gear Ratio: Speed vs. Power: The tool ratio refers back to the number of times the spool rotates for each handle flip. Here’s the quick guide:

Higher gear ratios (6.0:1 and above) translate to faster retrieval speeds. Ideal for protecting water fast or using twitching presentations. 

Lower Gear Ratio (5.0:1 and underneath): gives extra electricity for reeling in large fish and running lures with slow shows.

A true balance between pace and electricity is ideal for maximum walleye fishing conditions. A 5.2:1 or 6.0:1 equipment ratio is a versatile preference for many walleye shows.

Ball Bearings: Smooth Operators: Ball bearings reduce friction in the reel, resulting in smoother operation and simpler cranking. More bearings commonly translate to a smoother experience, but even a price-range-friendly reel with six-eight bearings can perform properly.

Line Capacity and Spool Size: Choose a reel with sufficient line potential to deal with the dimensions of walleye you may be concentrating on and your preferred fishing style. For walleye, a reel that can hold one hundred-two hundred yards of 8–12-ppound monofilament or braid is a superb start line. Consider your spool length as well; a larger spool lets in greater line potential.

Weight and Material: Lightweight reels reduce fatigue for the duration of long fishing days. Common substances consist of graphite (lightweight), aluminum (long-lasting), and magnesium (amazingly lightweight but pricey). There’s an alternate: lighter substances are probably much less long-lasting, so pick a balance that fits your needs and price range.

Brand Reputation: While not the quit-all, make certain to bear in mind the emblem’s recognition for exceptional customer service. Researching hooked-up manufacturers can give you peace of mind knowing you’re making an investment in a reliable reel.

Top Contenders: In-Depth Reel Reviews

Here’s a more in-depth look at a number of the reels we discussed earlier, reading their features and how they stack up for walleye fishing:

Pflueger President XT Spinning Reel

Key Features

Affordable Price: An outstanding choice for financially aware anglers.
Lightweight Design (0.42 lbs): Comfortable for long days on the water.
Smooth Operation (7 bearings): Provides a decent retrieve for various displays.
Line Control Features: Minimizes tangles and wind knots.
Braid-Ready Spool: Versatile for different line kinds.
5.2:1 Gear Ratio: A balanced method for regaining velocity and energy.
Max Drag (6 lbs): Might be restricting for trophy walleye.

Pros: affordable, lightweight, easy operation, braid-ready.
Cons: Lower max drag; not perfect for big fish.

Short Recommendation: An accurate alternative for newbies and casual anglers focused on smaller to medium-sized walleye in a price range. 

Okuma Inspira Carbon Frame Lightweight Spinning Reel

Key Features

Lightweight Champion (0.33 kg): Reduces fatigue for the duration of long fishing journeys.
Smooth Operator (8 bearings): Ensures easy retrieval and fighting motion.
5.0:1 Gear Ratio: Offers terrific stability for diverse walleye presentations.
Ambidextrous Design: Comfortable for both proper and left-surpassed anglers.
Balanced Rotor: Minimizes wobble and improves control.
Max Drag (5.9 kg/13 lbs): Might now not be enough for trophy walleye.

Pros: Very light-weight, clean operation, ambidextrous, cheap.
Cons: Line capability statistics are lacking, and drag is probably weak for large fish. 

Short Recommendation: A solid choice for financially-minded anglers who prioritize light-weight spinning reels for walleye fishing. Consider drag limitations for larger fish.

Concluison Choosing the Right Reel for the Fight

This guide has explored the essential component capabilities to bear in mind when deciding on a reel for walleye fishing, together with drag strength, gear ratio, bearings, line ability, weight, and brand popularity. We then dove into specific reels, analyzing their strengths and weaknesses for walleye wrangling. 

Remember, the appropriate walleye reel is predicated upon your man or woman’s desires and choices. Budget-minded anglers could likely prioritize affordability, while experienced walleye hunters might likely be conscious of electricity and durability. 

Ready to reel in your next trophy walleye? Share your selected walleye fishing reel and your studies within the feedback underneath! We’d like to receive interest from fellow anglers.

Frequently Asked Questions: Walleye Reels and Beyond

Q: Spinning reel vs. baitcasting reel for walleye?

A. Spinning reels are generally less difficult to apply and extra bendy for numerous displays, making them a top-notch choice for maximum walleye anglers, specifically novices. Baitcasting reels provide extra energy and casting control in experienced hands; however, they have a steeper getting-to-understand curve.

Q: What kind of line is notable for walleye fishing?

A. braided line is famous for walleye fishing due to its skinny diameter (for prolonged casts), low stretch (for better experience), and abrasion resistance. However, braid indicates up more effortlessly inside the water. Consider the use of a fluorocarbon chief for its invisibility. Monofilament line is likewise a desire, but it stretches longer and has a thicker diameter.

Q: How many tons of drag do I want for walleye fishing?

A drag score of 8–15 lbs is an extremely good starting point for walleye fishing. Consider heavier drag (up to twenty lbs) in case you’re concentrating on trophy walleye or fishing in robust currents.

Q: What special elements do I need to keep in mind while deciding on a walleye fishing reel?

A. Besides the capabilities covered in this guide, keep in mind your rod’s energy and action. A reel desires to be balanced with your rod for gold standard performance. Also, recall comfort and grip layout. You’ll want a reel that feels proper on your palms during lengthy fishing days.

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